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Phantasyboard™ Explained

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A newly created word by Charly, our Phantasyboard™ is similar to a storyboard used in graphic design or TV/film to give the Phantasy team a visual of what a client wants. I asked Cheyenne to browse the internet for images that depicted the look (hair/makeup), outfits and poses she was interested in for her Lifestyle Phantasyshoot™.

Pinterest, Instagram, Public Domain, etc. are just some places for a client to find, copy and send to Phantasy Photography™. Cheyenne also sent me pics of her in outfits she already had and we decided on the 4 possible ones. After viewing the images, we searched for the locations to bring Cheyenne’s vision to fruition.

At the locations, the looks she chose were carefully done & captured. Cheyenne’s Phantasyboard™ left nothing to chance and her Fine Art pieces show how successful it was bringing her visions to life.

NOTE: Images you find are copyrighted by the person that took it, not us. Since they are only used for informational purposes it is legal to copy and send them. We will never claim copyright to any of the images!

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Cheyenne's Phantasyboard™

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First 6 images are Cheyenne’s Hair and Makeup choices

Next 6 are her Outfit and Pose selections

Last 6 are her Fine Art pieces from her Lifestyle Phantasyshoot™



Makeup and Hairstyle’s Chosen

© Copyrighted & All Rights Reserved by person(s) that took image(s)

Outfits and Poses Chosen

© Copyrighted & All Rights Reserved by person(s) that took image(s)

Phantasyshoot™ Fine Art Results

Phantasyboard™ of Fine Art results

© Phantasy Photography™ | All Rights Reserved

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